About EuropIA.14

EuropIA.14: Architecture, City and Information Design
14th International Conference on Advances in Design Sciences and Technology
Nice – Cote d’Azur, France
1st -3d Octobre 2014

(Papers Submission Deadline is Extended to June 15th, 2014)

EuropIA Conferences are organized as a cross-platform for the study and analysis of the application of the ICT to architecture, archaeology, building engineering, civil engineering, urban design and policy analysis. 
The aim of EuropIA international conferences is to promote advancements of information and communication technology (ICT) and their effective application for the Building and Construction industry.
The characteristic of these conferences is the interaction of different disciplines regarding their approach, methods and techniques for the application of advanced technologies.

The main topic of EuropIA 14 is about the complex, interdependent and independent relationships between Architecture and City Design (Urban Planning) that have been recently increased by the important and aggressive involvement as well as impact of Information and Communication Technology on the City, Architecture Perception and Design Practice.

No doubt that professionals of Architectural and City Design have largely used ICT tools in their design. However they still hesitate to integrate information design as part of their design fields and as an important integrated component of the Architecture and the City.

In fact information design, via the Internet as smart objects, communicative objects, etc., that have penetrated, in an informal way, via ICT users, the universe of architecture and city design (urban planning).

Nowadays, ICT users perceive very differently most of the given functions of their habitation, offices and the city. Indeed, on the first hand unforeseen usages of ICT have seriously influenced the design and the development of ICT itself. On the other hand, emphasizes have shifted the relationship the users with their architectural and urban spaces (including the infrastructures and transportation).

EuropIA.14 observes that the three domains of design (Architecture, City and Information) have become highly interrelated.

Co-located event: SP2014

EIA.14 conference will be part of the second edition of “Sustainable Places” conference to be held this year in Nice, France.

The first Sustainable Places Conference took place in Nice in September 2013. It was organized mainly by the partners of the RESILIENT European project (FP7, started in September 2012), and the focus was on application of ICT for sustainability of buildings, districts, and cities. The event was not only a scientific conference, but also a networking / clustering events dedicated to European projects involved in the conference’s scientific themes, with especially a close connection to topics related to building, district and cities design and operation. On top of the scientific and technical sessions, the conference hosted two workshops organized under the umbrella of the Europe and commission (1st workshop on KPIs, and 4th workshop on EeB data models).